what is DAC and how does DAC work?

what is dac?

Before discussing more about the workings of dac and types of dac you must know first what is the meaning of DAC. DAC stands for digital to analog convertion. DAC is a series of electronics used to convert digital data into analog data

The opposite of dac is adc. For articles about ADC please read on the article what is ADC and how does ADC work?

Usually Dac is often used on digital devices at the output to make analog signals after the signal is processed in digital form

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Dac can meet on Vcd Player, DVD, Computer etc. Dac is required because loud speakers or audio parts can not directly process digital data and loud speakers can process digital data then dac is required

This time the admin will discuss the meaning of dac and how does dac work (digital to analog convertion)

how does dac work (digital to analog convertion)

After you know about the meaning of DAC you should know also how does DAC work

As I was explained above the main function of dac is to convert the digital signal into analog signal. Read bellow to understand about how does DAC work

Dac circuit is simpler than adc circuit. The circuit can be created by using operational amplifiers ic 741 and some resistors

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Components in dac circuits are arranged in such a way that they can translate digital data into inputs into analog data at output

The input in the dac circuit must be given a condition of 1 and 0 or high and low conditions and should not be in a floating state

In general, the dac circuit consists of 2 types of binary weighted dac and R / 2R Ladder

Binary weighted dac circuit

Binary weighted dac circuit is the simplest dac circuit this circuit uses 4 resistors with a value of 2 times the first resistor, and the third resistor has a value of 2 times the first resistor and so on.

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Suppose the first resistor (input D0) has a value of 8K, then the second resistor (input D1) must have a value of 16K, and the third Resistor has a value of 32K (input D2)

Thus if my friend makes this type of dac you must have a resistor with 4 different values

Binary weighted dac circuit is as follows

binary weighted dac, what is dac, digital to analog convertion

R/2R Ladder dac circuit

This type of dac needs a resistor with 2 different values. By comparison 2 times

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R / 2R Ladder circuit uses more resistors than binary weighted dac. However, this type of dac circuit is the most widely used in digital circuits

The Ladder R / 2R Circuit Scheme is as follows

R2R dac


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