what is crystal how does it work

what is crystal and how does crystal work?

Do you know what is crystal? how does crystal work? What is function of crystal? Before discussing more about crystal then you know first what is crystal

what is crystal? A crystal is an electronic component that acts as a resonator. Crystals are often used as high-frequency generators because they are more stable than inductors and their use is easier

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the physical form of the crystal has 2 legs as much about the understanding and function of the crystal in the electronic circuit is as follows

What ia crystal function in electronics circuits

Crystals are used in electronic circuits that are associated with the generation of frequencies either high frequency, sound frequency, or low frequency

what is crystal

In the case of radio waves to generate high frequencies can actually be done by using a variable inductor but the variable inductor has a defect because its frequency is easily shifted

Crystals can only be used to generate certain frequencies only and usually are listed in different crystal bodies with variable inductors that can be used to generate frequency variables

The physical shape of the crystal

how does crystal work

Examples of crystal functios are can be used read in atmega minimum system series, or some digital electronic circuit

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In addition, crystals are also commonly used on remote TV, VCD, wall clocks and on most digital devices. For a type of digital circuit the crystal is usually used as a clock generator

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The crystal clock clock used has a frequency of 32.768 HZ but after going through several frequency divider circuit will generate clock of 1 Hz

In the crystal electronics circuit is symbolized as the following picture

crystal symbol

In IC atmega crystal is used as an external clock generator. As you know that IC atmega has an internal clock of 1 MHZ

The higher the clock frequency then atmega will work the maximum

So if you intend to use a higher clock frequency then you are required to install the crystal as an external clock source

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by using an external clock then atmega chip buddy will work faster when compared with before

However at atmega external clock frequency is limited to only up to 16MHZ

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