create a simple adaptor

How to create a simple adaptor. The adaptor is an electrical equipment used to turn down the AC power voltage to a lower DC voltage so that it can be used as an electronic device power supply

You can create a simple adaptor with just a few easily accessible components in the marketplace

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Using a transformer 1A you can produce a simple adaptor circuit that will generate 12V voltage with 1A current which can be mated as an electronic device power supply

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the component required to create a simple adaptor

The following adapter circuits are the simplest adapter set

The components needed to create a simple adaptor are as follows

  • A transformer 1A
  • 4 diode (brigde diode)
  • A Elko
  • A resistor
  • A led

How the adapter works

create a simple adaptor
simple adaptor circuit scheme

How the adapter works is an alternating current (AC) PLN with a voltage of 220V into the transformer’s primary winding

Inside the transformer there is a process of running power through a process of magnetic induction

Because the induction is then in the secondary winding transformer will also appear, alternating voltage, but with lower power because the type of transformer used is a stair down

The current coming out of the transformer (still an AC current) then goes into the bridge diode circuit

The bridge diode circuit will rectify the current to turn a direct current or DC

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Until here the DC potential difference is still not able to use because the voltage is still there pulsations

To eliminate electrical pulses and so you can use an Elko

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The part of Elko is to flatten the electric current so that it is free from the pulse voltage

The led and resistors also act as circuit indicators indicating that the adapter circuit is running function

The primary function of the adapter is as a power supply for devices that require DC voltages such as radio, tone control and so forth

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Can also be used as a battery charger or battery, but if you use as a battery charger or battery, then you do not require to install Elko on the adapter circuit

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