conductor and insulator

the meaning of conductor and insulator

What is the definition of a conductor and an insulator? Have you ever asked about the that?

In the electrical world not all objects can conduct electricity. There are certain objects that can conduct electricity and some things that can not conduct electricity

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an electrical conducting object is called a conductor whereas a non-conductive object is called an insulator

I will explain again about conductor and insulator as a follow


what is a conductor?

Conductors are objects that can conduct electrical current

All types of metals are copper, iron, aluminum conductors are the type of conductors

Have you ever had an electric buddy?

Well the phenomenon of electrocution occurs because my friend holding the object that is conductor and the conductor there is high voltage electricity

Therefore, the outside of the cable is coated with a kind of plastic material that aims to isolate between conductors with the user

what are the examples of conductors

conductor and insulator

The best type of conductor is silver but because silver price is very expensive then replaced with copper which has good conductivity properties as well

The earth we are stamping on is the type of conductor to eat a lot of ground mounted on the houses

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Another example of a conductor is the human body, the human body is said to be a conductor because most of the human body contains water

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what is a insulator?

While the insulator is goods that can not conduct electricity or hamper the flow of electricity

what are examples of insulators?

examples of insulators are wrapping cables, rubber, plastic, glass and others

If we look at the cable then there are two copper wire wrapped with plastic or a kind of rubber

The function of the wrapper is to avoid us to avoid getting stun, another function is to avoid the electric current so as not to flow directly to the wire next to it causing the zipper

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There are some materials that can act as a conductor or insulator of this type of material called semiconductors for example is silicon

Silicone material if in cold temperature it serves as an insulator while at hot temperature it serves as a conductor

This material is the main component forming transistors, diodes, ic and so forth

so the article about the definition of conductors and insulators

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