how does clock work in digital circuit?

the workings of clocks in digital circuits. Like the heart of the human physical structure that serves to drain the blood throughout the body, clocked on the digital circuit serves to stream data to be processed by the circuit

Without clock the digital circuit (sequential) Will not run. The higher the clock frequency, then the digital circuit will run faster

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the workings of clocks in digital circuits

So you can read the clock function is easier than you can pay attention to sipo shift register circuit below

The sipo register or often called serial parallel input output is a type of shift register with serial data input and produces parallel data output. The ship register functions to change serial data into parallel data

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Look the picture below

the workings of clocks in digital circuits
the sipo register

In the circuit registers above the clock function to stream the input data in order to be processed by the end product

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If the clock is stopped, then any information entering through the input pin will not be processed by the output

The first clock will process the data from the input to discharge to the second D1clock will process data from D1 to be processed (shifted) And issued via D2, otherwise it also processes information from input to be issued to D1 just as the first third clock will process data D2 to be issued to D3, also processing data D1 to be issued to D2, as well as input data to be issued to the fourth D1clock will process data D3 to be issued to D4, D2 is issued to D3, D1 is issued to D2, and Input data to D1

The peak is the serial data on the input will be processed and issued in parallel to the output

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With the clock in the circuit above allows data to be shifted or flowed from input D1 to D4 which can then be processed by the succeeding series

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