clock generator using 555

what is clock generator? how to make clock generator using 555 IC? . Clock generator is a digital circuit used to generate pulses or clocks which are then used to drive the digital circuit

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Clock is like a life for digital circuit without clock digital circuit will not work. At this time the admin will share how to create a ne 555 clock generating circuit

Just like you know that the ic ne 555 is the simplest ic that is often used in digital circuits. The list of components to create a clock 555 ne generator is as follows

how to make clock generator using 555?

The ne 555 clock generator will produce square or square signals in which this signal is used in most digital circuits in the previous post about making a running lamp using ic 4017

Examples of signal form boxes are as follows

what is clock generator

In the circuit the clock is used to drive Output ic 4017 so that Output can be shifted one by one

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The components used to create a clock 555 ne generator are as follows

  • R1 ………………. 1K
  • R2 ………………. 100R
  • VR ………………. 100K
  • C1 ………………. 1uF/16V
  • C2 ………………. 100uf/16V
  • IC ………………..NE 555

For the circuit itself is as follows

IC 555 clock generator circuit

The following clock 555 clock generating circuit uses a 5V to 9V DC power supply. To set the clock speed can be set through VR and change the size of capacitor C1

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For the size of C1 the smaller the size of C1 the faster the resulting clock and vice versa if the size of C1 is greater then the resulting clock will be slower

clock generator using 555

The output of a series of box waves can be directly connected to a digital circuit such as a series of running lights, clocked on traffic lights, timers, counter circuits, and so forth

The signal characteristics generated by IC 555 are having different periods between high and low logic. But that does not matter

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If you want the same high and low period then you can combine it with IC 4013

To be able to divide the clock pal can use IC 4013. A clock if passed on IC 4013 then the clock frequency will be changed to half but have the exact same high and low period

Similarly the article about making a clock generator using 555. Please also read other articles about create a toogle switch using ic 4013

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