what is capacitor and how does it work?

what is capacitor? how does capacitor work?

In this time the admin will explain about what is capacitor and how does capacitor work. Do you know what is capacitor?Capacitors are electronic components that serve to store electrical charges

Capacitors can be met on the adapter or on the amplifier. Unlike a battery that uses a chemical reaction, the capacitor can store an electrical charge without a chemical reaction

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Capacitors are made up of a variety of capacitors as they determine the function of the capacitor

Capacitors are often used as filter circuits. We can find capacitors on an adapter, mobile charger and so forth. The physical shape of the capacitor is as in the picture

what is capacitor

The capacitor consists of two pieces of metal separated by an insulator. This type of isolator determines the type of capacitor

The types of capacitors are as follows

types of capacitors

1. Electrolytic capacitor (elco)

how does capacitor work
electrolit capasitor

Electrolyte capacitors or often referred to as elko is a capacitor that has the largest electrical storage capacity and has the largest physical form compared with other types of capacitors

The elegant capacitor we often encounter in the amplifier circuit. Elko is a type of capacitor that has positive and negative poles so that in the installation of elko capacitors should not be reversed. If reversed then elko will be quickly damaged

The function of the Elko capacitor is to stabilize the current coming out of the rectifier circuit in the power supply section

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The larger the size of Elko capacitor then the capacitor capability will be even greater

The size of the elko capacitor is expressed in the micro farad (uF)

In elko capacitors are usually written maximum voltage that may operate

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2. Mylar Capacitors

understanding and function of the capacitor
mylar capasitor

These capacitors mostly have sizes below 1 uf or are usually measured in nano farad units (nF) and are nonpolar which means the mounting of capacitors can be back and forth regardless of positive and negative poles

Mylar capacitors are commonly used in audio equipment related to the sound frequency

3. Ceramic Capacitors

understanding and function of the capacitor
ceramic capasitor

Ceramic capacitors have smaller size than Mylar capacitors and are nonpolar

Ceramic capacitors use ceramic type insulators. Most ceramics are measured in pico farad (pf)

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Ceramic capacitors are commonly used in high-frequency devices

The characteristic of ceramic capacitors is brown as well as with small shapes


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