binary number

what is binary number?

In everyday life we ​​can not be separated from the name of the number. As explained in the previous post there are various types of number systems. One type of number is a binary number. What is the definition of binary numbers? What are the benefits of binary numbers in the digital world?

In this article the admin will discuss about the definition of binary numbers as well as the benefits of binary numbers in the digital world

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how binary number works?

Binary numbers are numbers consisting of numbers 0 and 1 in other words binary numbers have only two digits

In the binary number the number starts from the number 0 then the number 1, then to the number 10, 11, 100 and so on which consists of digits 0 and 1

what is binary number, how binary number works

If the binary number is converted to decimal then the result will be as follows

  • 0000 = 0
  • 0001 = 1
  • 0010 = 2
  • 0011 = 3
  • 0100 = 4
  • 0101 = 5
  • 0110 = 6
  • 0111 = 7
  • 1000 = 8
  • 1001 = 9
  • 1010 = 10
  • 1011 = 11
  • 1100 = 12
  • 1101 = 13
  • 1110 = 14
  • 1111 = 15


Binary numbers are used in computer systems because the computer basically only recognizes 2 states of life and death or high and low

what is high and low logic? Please read on high and low logic articles

If the decimal number is known as the unit term, tens, hundreds, thousands dst then in the binary number known by the unit, duaan, paras, delapanan and so on

In the binary number of the rightmost value or the smallest value is called LSB while the leftmost or largest value is called MSB

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With a little explanation above then my friend know what the meaning of binary numbers

After you know what is a binary number you also need to know what are the benefits of binary numbers in the digital world

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benefits of binary numbers in the digital world

Binary numbers are used in digital circuits to declare the conditions of life and death

Basically a digital signal is a series of digits 0 and digit 1 that states the condition of the circuit life or death

This condition is very important in digital component example is on seven segment. Read on what is the seven segment

Well seven segment can display the numbers because of the row of lights that live and die

Actually all the digital files such as image files, music, video and so forth is a row of binary numbers

Well so little explanation of what is a binary number as well as the benefits of binary numbers

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