automatic fuse circuit using light bulb

automatic fuse circuit using light bulb. By using simple components you can create an automatic fuse circuit that is able to detect whether or not a circuit has a zero. The primary component used is a bulb lamp or often called a high-energy incandescent bulb about 100W

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make automatic fuse circuit using light bulb

konsleting is a phenomenon where the electric current flows directly from the positive pole to the negative pole. the danger caused by the phenomenon of zipper is fire



By using a 100W bulb bulb you can produce a very useful circuit. in the automatic fuse circuit following the bulb lamps are installed in series with the load circuit

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The electric light bulb size used is 100W this is intended to obtain a small resistance value. The bigger the light bulb the smaller the resistance value

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automatic fuse circuit scheme using light bulb

Equally for the automatic fuse circuit using light bulb is as follows

automatic fuse circuit using light bulb

By applying the above circuit you can check whether a series of electronics experienced a zero or AC in is a 220VAC power input channel that you can connect with using the plug, while for the output channel you can plug in to the load circuit to be checked. To fix the circuit more neat you can use it on a jack

if the circuit is broken, the light bulb will light up or blink.If the broken circuit is running normally, the light bulb will go out

When the bulb bulb will occur when the electric current will fall directly through the lamp

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While at normal circuit running light bulb will go because the electric current that flows will first to the load circuit that causes the electric current to be small (there is a resistance)

So the article on automatic fuse circuit using light bulb. Please read also other electronics articles about the the process of occurrence of lightning


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