audio wave | definition and types

audio wave definition

What is an audio wave? Audio waves or often referred to as sound waves are waves generated by every object that vibrates. In this post I’ll explaining about audio wave definition and what are the types of audio waves

firstly I”ll explain about audio wave definition. So what is an audio wave?

the audio wave is included in the longitudinal wave type ie the wave whose direction of vibration is in the direction of the propagation direction

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If divided by frequency audio waves consist of several types of them are infrasonic wave, audiosonic wave, ultrasonic wave

what are the types of audio waves?

After you know about audio wave definition then you must know also what are the types of audio waves

Audio waves are generated by vibrating objects and the vibrations propagate into the air and reach our ears

Now the more the number of vibrations generated per second then the higher the frequency generated and vice versa if the number of vibrations produced per second the lower the frequency generated

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The number of vibrations per second is also expressed in units of hertz or abbreviated hz by the formula

vibration formula, audio wave definition, what are the types of audio waves


  • F = frequency (Hz)
  • n = number of vibrations generated
  • t = the amount of time in seconds

For example if an object produces a vibration of 100 vibrations for 2 seconds. What is the frequency of the object?

In accordance with the above formula will be generated

  • F = n / t
  • F = 100/2
  • F = 50Hz

with the above formula you can determine the frequency of an object

According to the frequency the audio wave is divided into 3 types

1. Infrasonic waves

what is infrasonic wave? Infrasonic waves are audio waves that have frequencies below 20 hz or below 20 vibrations per second

because the frequency is too low the human ear can not catch infrasound waves

But there are some animals that are able to catch infrasound waves is one of them is a cricket

Crickets can listen to footsteps That’s why when my friend wanted to catch the crickets that voiced at night then crickets that will stop sounding and hiding

This happens because the crickets listen to your footsteps that bring up infrasound waves

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2. Audiosonic wave

What is an audioconic wave? The audioconic wave is a frequency wave between 20hz-20khz. This wave can be heard by humans

All types of songs or music are included in this wave category

Amplifiers that are often used in everyday life serves to amplify waves in the audioconic frequency range

3. Ultrasonic wave

What is ultrasonic wave? Ultrasonic waves are waves that have frequencies above 20 kHz

Humans can not catch this wave because its frequency is too high

Some animals can catch these waves among bats, rats, mosquitoes

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Ultrasonic waves can be used to repel mosquitoes and mice

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