what is and gate and how does it work?

what is and gate?

before discussing more about and gate then first you must know what is and gate. So what is and gate? and gate is a device that has multiple inputs and only has 1 output where if all inputs are logic 1 then the output will produce logic 1. How does and gate work? for an explanation learn more about what is and gate and how does it work please read on the following article

and gate can be regarded as 2 switches arranged in a series which will turn on a lamp when both switches are on condition then the igniter will light up

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how does and gate work?

the following circuit shows how does and gate work

what is and gate and how does it work

The above series illustrates how the study is simple. You must have experienced how it works that the lights on the circuit above will only light up if the first switch and the second is on condition

If one or both of the switches off does not care about any switch, then the lamp will be off. Such is the shaping principle of and gate

And gate is also enabled to ascertain that a circuit is completely disconnected from a current source or can also be used to generate a secret key or security lock

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In the digital gateway circuit and symbolized by the succeeding picture

and gate symbol, how does and gate work
and gate symbol

If further examined the rule is the same as the conjunction of mathematics lessons

The truth table shows the condition of both switches (A and B) and output conditions (Y)

and gate's truth table
and gate’s truth table

To build it easier to remember how does and gate work, then that needs to underline is

If any input is 0 then the output will be 0

To count the gate output and can also be used the formula

Y = A.B


Y = output

A = Input A

B = Input B

If it consists of 3 inputs, then you can add input C and then the formula becomes Y = A.B.C

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