AC voltage detector using LED

How to make an AC voltage detector using LED?. At this time the admin will share about how to make an AC voltage detector using LED where the circuit function can be used as a series of simple AC voltage sensor

As you already know that LED lights or often referred to as LEDs can only flow one-way flow only

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The LED only lights up when an electric current flows from the anode to the cathode

If the electric current is reversed then the LED will not turn on. Well the properties can be used to detect the voltage of the AC using your LED. Please read also an article what is LED and how does it work?

how does AC voltage detector works (AC voltage sensor circuit)

An LED requires a working voltage of 2.5 to 3V DC but if you connect it with a higher voltage then you should install a resistor as a current holder

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The LED will be lit when given a forward bias voltage (current flows from the anode to the cathode). Consider the following picture

ac voltage detector using led

But if the LED foot or current source is reversed in the sense of being rewarded the LED will not turn on

how to make ac voltage detector using led

By considering the above circuit then my friend can conclude that the DC current LED will only light up if the legs LED is connected properly. However, this does not apply if the LED is connected to AC voltage

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how to make AC voltage using LED

In AC power the voltage and direction of the electric current will change periodically

This means that the positive and negative poles will also change periodically and have no fixed value

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If you install the LED on the AC voltage then the LED will stay on even if you turn the LED position. That’s why LED lights are often used as an indicator on AC voltage

the following simple circuit you can use as an AC voltage detector

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The way the circuit works is if both LEDs turn on then it is certain that the electricity that my friend checks is AC power

But if one LED is lit then the electricity is DC power

ac voltage detector using led

the simple circuit above is only used to check whether the power is AC or DC type and can not be used to measure the voltage (just as a series of AC or DC voltage sensors only)

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