5V 1A stabilizer circuit

5V 1A stabilizer circuit. Stabilizer circuit is a circuit that serves to stabilize the current so that the current that flows really flat like a battery

Unlike the usual adapter because the adapter still has a pulsation voltage even on a small scale

The following 5V 1A stabilizer circuit is very simple and easy to make

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This simple bottom stabilizer circuit uses the main 7805 ic components that are often used on the stabilizer

Ic 7805 is an integrated stabilizer that is easy to install and without additional setup

5V 1A stabilizer circuit

The core of this circuit lies in ic 7805 a very simple ic stabilizer. Before installing ic 7805 first the electric current must pass through Diode Bride and Elko circuit first

For the diode bridge article please read on the article reverse voltage safety circuit

The output voltage of the circuit is the same as the battery without any noise at all

Here’s the 5V core stabilizer circuit

5V 1A stabilizer circuit

Components needed to create a 5V 1A stabilizer

  • Trafo 1A
  • Elko10uf and 1 of
  • IC 7805
5V 1A stabilizer circuit
ic 7805

The above circuit can be used as a mobile phone charger or other devices that require 5V power

I want to use other voltages can use ic 7809 to 9V, ic 7812 to 12v, ic 7815 to 15v

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In order for the circuit to work optimally then the input voltage into the 7805 ic stabilizer must be greater than 5v, it can be with voltage 7v or 9v but not too big

The above circuit can generate a current of 1A if you want a larger voltage can be done by adding 2N3055 transistors in the circuit

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The function of the stabilizer circuit is as follows

  • as the TTL or CMOS power supply the above stabilizer circuit can be applied to the microcontroller circuit such as atmega, Arduino, CMOS and so on which require 5V working voltage
  • as a mobile phone charger, lamp, and other resources requiring voltage 5v
  • can be added to the pc if the USB current is less

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