5 channel equalizer circuit

5 channel equalizer circuit. The equalizer is a series of electronics that serves to fix the tone that will enter into the amplifier

Equalizer circuit is almost the same as tone control but the difference is if the tone control there is only bass, middle, and treble settings then the equalizer there are 5 channels even 10 or 20 channels also exist

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The most equalizer series easy to find on the market is a series of equalizer 5 channels where there are five quality settings

In this article admin will discuss around the equalizer circuit 5 channel because the making is very easy

5 channel equalizer circuit

the following 5 channel equalizer circuit uses the main IC of type LA 3600 as the main component and uses 12 VDC resources

For settings your can use a rotary type potentiometer or sliding type. Withal, the admin uses a rotary potentiometer because it does not need much place other than that potentiometer of this type is more durable because do not concede dust like in potentiometer type shear

5 channel equalizer circuit

To cook it into a series of equalizer circuit 5 channel type stereo you need to make the following series as much as 2 pieces (L and R) And apply a stereotype potentiometer (legged 6)

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But if you only make mono type, you only need to produce 1 piece only and my friend using potentiometer mono type (leg 3)

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The scheme of the 5 channel is equalizer circuit is as follows

5 channel equalizer circuit

Output on the equalizer can buddy the relationship to the amplifier while the input circuit can buddy relations into your audio device pal

In the above equalizer circuit there are 5 pieces of potentiometer which each potentiometer serves to put the tone on a certain frequency. This is the advantage of the equalizer can set the timbre that comes out as you pal

The use of each potentiometer in the series above is as follows

  • Potentiometer 1 serves to regulate the frequency of 108 HZ
  • Potentiometer 2 serves to regulate the frequency of 343 HZ
  • Potentiometer 3 functions to set the frequency of 1.08 KHZ
  • Potentiometer 4 serves to set the frequency of 3.43 KHZ
  • Potentiometer 5 functions to set the frequency of 10.8 KHZ

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For potentiometer size you can use 100K potentiometer

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By making a series of equalizer as above buddy can set the tone as you wish buddy. Also read the article about Understanding fuse and how fuse work

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