2 transistors blinking light

making 2 transistors blinking light. After you read the article about transistor then now is the time to experiment with transistor. The circuit that will admin share is a series of lights flickering 2 transistors. Flashing lights are commonly referred to as flip flop circuits

This time we will make the 2 transistors blinking light

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Flashing lights or flip-flop lights are 2 pieces of lights will alternate periodically

The series of lights flicker 2 transistors can also follow my friend as an additional accessories

The components needed to make the 2 transistors blinking light

Blinking light circuit can be found in children’s toys for example is on the RC or remote control car

The components required in the experiment make these blinking lights very few and easily available at your nearest electronics store

The components to make a series of lights flickering 2 transistors are as follows

2 pieces of transistor c828 or other transistor type NPN2 3 volt lamp or can with lamp led2 fruit 2k22 resistor elko 100uf fruit

If you does not meet the transistor type c828 you can replace it with type c930, or type c829

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series of 2 transistors blinking light

Here is a scheme of lights circuit 2 transistors that you can make

The following flip flop lights will work on 3 to 12V voltages. If you use 12V voltage then the light flicker should be given 220R resistor

2 transistors blinking light
2 transistors blinking light scheme

For the lamp itself can use led light or 3V lamp. If you want low power usage then you can use LED lamp

what is led and how does it work

To adjust the speed of the flash you can change the size of elko in the circuit

The bigger the size of elko then the longer the blink of lights, and vice versa the smaller the size of the elko the faster the light flicker

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The above flip flop lights can actually be used as frequency generators

The trick is to take the output path on the light and channel it to the loud speaker or other circuit related to the frequency generator

Blinking light circuit can actually also make a friend using IC ne 555 is a special Ic that is used to create a timer

If you want to make decorations with lots of lights then you can use IC 4017 to make the lights running

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